Transmission ServicesWhen it comes to cars, many people overlook the need for transmission repair, and go straight for the engine. However, the transmission has a significant helping hand in keeping your automobile running. Without the required maintenance and professional upkeep, the transmission can leave an unsuspecting driver on the side of the road with their thumb up. At Auto Art Engineering, we can keep your car running great, and make sure your transmission is too.

Taking Care of the Transmission

Just like anything else in life, avoiding a problem is only going to make things worse and more expensive down the road. Oftentimes, many transmissions will give out simply due to the fact they weren’t properly maintained. Either way, transmission repair will be necessary.
At Auto Art Engineering near Largo, Clearwater, and Seminole, we aim to keep your transmission well maintained and running for as long as possible. Here are some ways to take care of your transmission:

  • Check Leakage: Leaks may be minor or more serious in nature. Nevertheless, avoiding the problem can be very dangerous. Consulting transmission repair in such an instance should remain a priority, not an afterthought.
  • Change Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid doesn’t need to be changed as often as engine oil, but should be replaced about every 30,000 miles. Your car’s manual will have a maintenance schedule of exactly when it should be replaced.
  • Shift Properly: It seems rather basic, but the temptation to rush and change gears when the car isn’t fully stopped is destructive for automatic transmissions. For manual cars, being sure that the clutch is fully depressed before shifting is imperative, as well as shifting before the RPM’s get too high.

Signs You Need Transmission Repair

At Auto Art Engineering, near Largo, Clearwater and Seminole, our transmission repair team recommends bringing your car in if you experience any of the following problems, as they can indicate the need for repairs:

  • Slippage: If the engine begins to whine, acceleration becomes a struggle, or the car appears to change gears without reason, the issue could very well be the transmission.
  • Rough Shifts: Shifting gears should be easy and smooth. However, when that stops being the case, it might be time to get things checked.
  • Delayed Movement: When shifting from park to drive, the car should immediately begin to move forward. If that doesn’t happen or there is an unwarranted pause, this could be the sign of an underlying transmission issue.
  • Leaks: Healthy transmission fluid is bright red or a darker shade of red or brown. Therefore, if such colored leaks appear in your driveway or garage, the odds are this is a transmission problem. Take care when driving though, as driving with no transmission fluid in an automatic car can be difficult and damage the car further.

Our Guarantee

Like any dependable auto engineering shop, our specialty goes far beyond transmission repair. With our owner, Wendall Giles and his 37 years of hands-on experience leading the way, we can help you, not matter the problem! Realizing your car has an issue is stressful, but getting that issue fixed shouldn’t be. Through our nonstop goal of limiting our overhead and expenses, we’re able to pass our savings to our customers. Meanwhile, we always stand by our estimates thanks to the time and diligence we dedicate towards diagnosing the problem in the first place. For those in need of transmission repair in Largo, Seminole, or Clearwater, we’re not the only choice, but we’re the best choice.
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