When looking for a good auto repair shop in Largo, or anywhere else for that matter, there’s a saying that goes:  Fast, cheap, good – you can only pick two.  This means that if you find an affordable mechanic that does great work, it’s probably not going to be a quick job.  If a job is hurried along and yet still high quality, it’s not going to be cheap.  And if it’s fast and inexpensive, it’s not going to be good.  When looking for a mechanic, often the greatest fear of the average driver is getting ripped off.  You can’t verify that what you’re told is broken actually is, and often vehicle parts vary widely in price—depending on which part needs fixing.

But at Auto Art Engineering of Largo, we understand these factors and the apprehension involved when looking for a repair shop.  That’s why we provide the highest quality work at an affordable price.  Whether you drive a Lamborghini or a Dodge, we can service your vehicle.  We’ll be happy to show you the problem and give you a quote right there in the shop.

Some of the auto repair services we offer are:

  • Engine maintenance and rebuild – Oil changes, serpentine belts, radiator leaks, engine rebuilds, starters, check fluid levels, and more.
  • Power steering –We’ll check to make sure it’s still in working order and fix it if it isn’t.
  • Front end repairs – Often going unconsidered by owners, and overlooked by other mechanics, the front of your car needs to be perfectly balanced. If your car is out of alignment, it will wear through a new set of tires in no time.
  • Transmission – The automatic car owner’s worst nightmare: bad transmissions, which can cost a fortune to replace. But don’t worry, we’ll give you the best price on both the parts and labor.
  • AC Repairs – Often one of the most difficult repairs to perform on a vehicle due to its positioning under the hood, is the air conditioning. This can also be a costly repair for auto owners who are no longer covered under warranty. That’s why we offer our services at such an affordable price.
    Auto Art Engineering has over 37 years of experience working on cars, trucks, and motorcycles, ranging from exotic racing vehicles to work trucks. We offer superior auto repair services and in depth service and inspections to all Largo residents.

Some Common Signs You Need to Visit Us in Largo for Auto Repairs

  • Burning oil smell – This can be caused by oil leaking from the engine.
  • Your vehicle becomes harder to start – Your starter may be beginning to fail or your battery might be going bad.
  • Your car stalls frequently – This can be caused by a variety of problems that need to be resolved to avoid further damage.
  • The air gets hot when you idle, but not when you are cruising – This can be a sign that your cooling fan is broken, or you are low on coolant.
  • Sudden drop in gas mileage – Often caused by a bad fuel injector, a problem with the spark plug, or dirty fuel filters.
  • Strange knocking noise or other sound – This could be a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Brakes feel soft when you stop – This is a sign of low brake fluid and is imperative that you have it checked out to avoid an accident.
  • The engine is running loudly when it idles or accelerates – A strong sign that it’s time for a tune up.

If you have further questions, or need auto repair in Largo.

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