front repairKeeping the front end of your car or truck in good working order is both a matter of safety and money savings. If critical parts of your truck and car’s front end are worn or broken that can definitely affect the steering and handling of the car. A front end that is out of alignment can wear out a new set of tires in a very short time. When you visit our Largo shop we can determine if your truck or car needs front end repairs.

If you live in Seminole, Largo, Clearwater or St. Pete it’s easy to hit a street curb or parking lot curb and damage the front end of your car. The symptoms that something is wrong with the car’s front end is usually a vibration or shaking often felt through the steering wheel. When this happens bring your car in to our Largo, Florida repair shop so we can check it out. Check your tires periodically for unusual wear as this is also an indicator of a problem. It may be that the vibration is because your tires are out of balance; that is an easy fix compared to a total car or truck front end repair.

If you think something may be wrong with your truck or car’s front end or alignment, bring it by and we will check it out for free.