Auto Art Engineering of Largo is your one-stop shop for all of your transmission repair needs. Our professional mechanics treat every customer’s car like they do their own, and assure only the problem gets fixed, not overhead. We take the time to diagnose your vehicle’s problem, clearly explain what work is needed and then give you an accurate estimate of the cost of the repair.  For 37 years, our business has provided the local communities of Pinellas County with 100% satisfaction guaranteed work, and customers continue to choose us for any and all of their car or truck service and repairs.

Transmission Repair, Maintenance, Service, and Diagnosis

Auto Art Engineering is the leader in repair, maintenance, service, and diagnosis of both automatic and manual transmissions in Largo. Our technicians are certified professionals with years of transmission repair experience and have the right equipment and the latest systematic tools to make sure your vehicle’s engine is diagnosed and serviced correctly at the most reasonable and lowest costs.

An automobile’s powerhouse is a complex mechanical system. It drives the power between the engine and the driveshaft in an automatic car. In manual vehicles, it allows for the gear ratio to change between the driveshaft and engine as your car speeds up or slows down. From constantly heating up and the friction it receives, transmissions are therefore placed under more wear and tear than other parts of your vehicle.

When you need transmission repair, Auto Art Engineering of Largo will take care of your car or truck’s needs by:

  • Inspecting for minor leaks to avoid problems down the road
  • Changing the transmission fluid as part of a regular maintenance schedule
  • Checking for normal shifting of gears

Automatic and Manual Vehicle Service

Auto Art Engineering of Largo maintains and services both automatic and manual vehicles. Our professional mechanics are skilled at all of your transmission repair needs. We aim to keep your engine well maintained and running for as long as possible.

Automatic transmission vehicles need regular maintenance, and service intervals vary from every 30,000 to 60,000 to 100,000 miles to keep them working the way they should. The fluid in an automatic vehicle is its lifeblood, your car or truck depends on it to operate efficiently over a long period of time, and changing it more often does no harm but to ignore it is to risk an expensive meltdown.

Manual vehicles are designed and built to drive for hundreds of thousands of miles without problems. The lubricant needs to be replaced periodically but not as frequently as in automatics, and manuals need to be serviced at every 30,000 miles for ultimate performance. Factory recommendations for service may be less than this mileage and varies depending on vehicle make, model and fluid type, so consult the factory manual provided with your vehicle or call Auto Art Engineering of Largo for specific details at (727) 559-0490.

Auto Art Engineering Will Fix Any Problem!

Here are some signs that your car or truck is having problems and needs transmission repair:

  • Slipping: Signs of slippage can occur while driving such as high RPM (over 3,500), acceleration delays, inability to reverse, unusual or burnt smells, or check engine light going off.
  • Problems Shifting Gears: If you experience difficulty shifting gears, or if shifting gears produces a harsh response or any strange noises, it’s time to get things checked.
  • Delay in Movement: Not only could this mean an issue with your car, a pause in your vehicle’s movement is a huge safety concern. If your car does not immediately respond, you could be in danger and your car definitely needs repair.
  • Leaking Fluid: Seals in the driveshaft may begin to leak fluid. Protect our environment, and if your vehicle leaks bright or dark red fluid, it is leaking and needs to be repaired.

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At Auto Art Engineering in Largo, we service any and all automatic or manual vehicle’s needs. It is in your and your wallet’s best interest to make sure it is properly maintained and regularly serviced because issues will arise, guaranteed.

Don’t worry – we have been servicing Largo residents’ transmission repair for 37 years and have fixed every problem when it comes to vehicles. For more information, call us today at (727) 559-0490!