At Auto Art Engineering of Largo we have the experience and the skills to take care of all of your auto AC repair needs, and fast. Living in Largo, there is no time to waste if your cooling system breaks, the summer months are too long and too hot to wait any longer to get it repaired! Your car is the one that gets you around town to work, the store or anywhere else you need to stop, so make sure you are doing all you can to keep your drive cool and comfortable.

Why Your Car Is Not As Cool As You Want It to Be

There are many reasons that can cause your air to not be working at its best or to just stop working all together and mean it is time for auto AC repair. These are some of the scenarios that may be causing weak airflow within your system and making you sweat in the Largo heat on your way to work:

  • Mildew or mold has accumulated in the evaporator’s core due to moisture that occurs during the cooling process. This blockage makes it hard for air to reach the air vents.
  • There may be a loose hose. It is usually the blower hose which is the hose that supplies air to the blower unit.
  • Your ventilation fan is fired and if the fan is not blowing, that means the air is not flowing very well either.
  • Your car has multiple seals inside of it and they are a frequent cause for auto AC repair: core case seals, blower hose seals, and evaporator core seals. Ventilation systems are very sensitive and if any of these seals are open, air flow will be diminished.

Or your air may not being blowing as cold as it should be and cooling you off because of one of these complications. It is time to see your trusted Largo mechanic to check for:

  • A Freon Leak, this can be due to a failed O-ring, seal, hose, or component
  • A failed compressor or a failed compressor clutch
  • A failed blower motor or a failed blower motor resistor
  • The condenser or evaporator may be damaged or failed and in need of auto AC repair
  • Leaks in the vacuum
  • A failed switch, relay, fuse, or control module
  • The expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose may be clogged

Unless you are an expert when it comes to cars, these are all internal problems that can only be determined through a performance check. We recommend leaving all of your car troubles to the trained experts in Largo who have the knowledge to fix your car or truck. There is nothing more refreshing than a cold blast of air and we can get your car’s temperature down so low with auto AC repair that you will completely forget that it is the middle of the summer!

Auto Art Engineering

We understand that things happen when it comes to cars, that is why we do our best to make our services affordable while still providing quality service and providing it quickly. No matter the car, we have 37 years of experience that will figure out the problem and find the best solution to not only fix it right away but also keep it under control. We also offer clients engine maintenance, power steering restoration, fleet maintenance, front end restorations, and transmission services.

For more information on auto AC repair or any of the mechanical services we offer, call us today at (727) 559-0490 so we can get you back to driving the streets of Largo! Don’t wait, as soon as you notice trouble with your car bring it in so we can fix it before the problems get any worse.